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Passion, Energy, Consensus on common values: The First Achievements of “Sport at the Service of Humanity”

Vatican City, October 6, 2016

Delegates from the worlds of Sport, Faith, Media and Academia gathered together in the Vatican for the first day of Plenary Discussions and breakout Sessions of “SPORT AT THE SERVICE OF HUMANITY”, the first Global Conference on Faith and Sport.

Starting from the Six Principles of Sporting Behaviour – Joy, Enlightenment, Balance, Respect, Compassion and Love – people from different backgrounds have been moved by their passion and involvement in the Conference agenda, and agreed on the existence of a common ground as well as a strong platform of shared values. Speakers and participants converged on the importance of building a dialogue between worlds, to create a better humanity.

“SPORT AT THE SERVICE OF HUMANITY” is organized by the Pontifical Council for Culture under the leadership of Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi and welcomes the presence of Faith Leaders of the major religious traditions.


Allianz is the founding partner of “SPORT AT THE SERVICE OF HUMANITY”.

The United Nations and the International Olympic Committee are special supporters of the event.

Opening the First Plenary Session of the Conference, Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, President of the Pontifical Council of Culture said: “The Six Principles of Sporting Behavior are not just a project for now but should also create a concrete pathway for the future. It is essential to make a healthy, sport education for the youth of today, which is why we are gathered together and united as one to write a document also for them”.

Addressing the delegates of the Conference, Carlo Salvatori, Chairman of Allianz S.P.A. said:

“At this moment, you are standing at the edge of opportunity. Through your personal courage – sharing your stories, exchanging ideas – we have the ability to move beyond dialogue and to put our words into action”.

Satisfaction for the first important steps of “SPORT AT THE SERVICE HUMANITY” was expressed by Italian footballer Alessandro Del Piero: “This was definitely a positive, intense and productive day, which was evident throughout every working session that I was involved in. As Pope Francis said yesterday in his opening address, we must have courage and the knowledge that there are differences, but we also must realize how to overcome them”.

Pakistani Footballer and former Northampton Town player Kashif Siddiqi was also impressed by the convergence of values, feelings and ideas: “Me being here as a Muslim at the Vatican contributing and demonstrating that we must work together to unify humanity is an example of the power of faith and sport working together”.

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