I am delighted to accept this award on Harry’s behalf for the work he and Sandra have done in the community.

Jeff Mostyn, Bournemouth AFC Chairman, Trustee of Football for Peace

At the Global Gift Foundation, we recognise the importance of supporting women, children and the under privileged in communities around the world. It is an honour to work alongside an organisation like Football for Peace which is ground breaking within its own industry, yet champions similar messages to ours, messages of unity and diversity at a time when we all need to come together.

Maria Bravo, Founder of the Global Gift Foundation

Football brings people together - in the professional game - on the terraces - in parks, back gardens, playgrounds, in conflict zones – anywhere big enough to kick a ball around. And because it brings people together – from all backgrounds, religions and countries – it creates friendships, bonds and opens up dialogue between people. I believe women have a critical role to play in this understanding, because they are such strong role models and root of our communities. Behind every great success there is always a strong woman! And tonight is no exception - Maria Bravo and I share an amazing vision. I am personally grateful for this partnership between Football for Peace and Global Gift Gala as we aim to take this joint initiative around the world! I hope you are all also as excited to come on this journey with us!

Kash Siddiqi, Co-Founder of Football for Peace

We have witnessed far too many tragedies recently that have stemmed from rivalries that could have been prevented, we have seen a rise in hate crime because individuals don't understand enough about each other’s cultures and ways of living and this can’t continue. The Young people of today don’t just change our tomorrow, they sculpt our future. This is why the Young Peace leaders programme delivered by football for peace is so crucial in helping our young people fight against the Violence, Hate Crime and misunderstanding present today in our Communities.

Jessica Cleaver, a Young Peace Leader who took part in the educational programme in Birmingham