I am delighted that the #FootballSavesLives campaign, launched today, will see more of you trained to bring young people from across the country together. Football is not just a game. It is part of the fabric of this nation – providing a common interest and a unifying identity. It brings us together in the enjoyment of a simple pastime, without complication, but with plenty of passion!

HRH Duke of Cambridge Prince William

With the #FootballSavesLives campaign, we want to encourage all football lovers and peace defenders to support our pledge to train the next generation of Young Peace Leaders to create more peaceful and tolerant communities across the UK. These schools in normal instance, hardly mix let alone play on same teams, the country needs more integration activities.

FfP co-founder Kashif Siddiqi

I am proud to support an initiative which brings people together in the divided times we are living in.

Arsenal player Mesut Ozil